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Cycling/mountain biking

The Maare/Mosel bikeway goes directly past Michels land idyll hotel and is the ideal starter for a trip to the Mosel. 

The Maare/Mosel bikeway:

From Daun to Bernkastel-Kues / length 55 km

Built on the site of the old railway line, so that you pass through varying landscapes without losing too much breath. Where the old steam locomotives used to rumble between Daun and the Wittlicher area the gradients are not too severe, with occasionally 2.5% at the most. With a 28-meter viaduct and several tunnels (illuminated) this bikeway is practically free of traffic and ideal for families with children or those not in training. There are lots of resting places along the way where you can stop and make little detours to explore the volcanic Eifel and its delights. The bike bus shuttles between Daun and Bernkastel- Kues, to take you and your bicycle to your destination.

Mountain-biking among the volcanoes

THE EIFEL! With one of Germany's biggest choice of mountain bike trails. One of the reasons is the extra high percentage of single trails and of course the breath-taking landscape. For good reasons, the "volcano bike Eifel marathon" is one of Europe's top ten! At this point, we report on the finest mountain bike tours in the Manderscheid holiday region, Daun and partially around the Nürburgring. The Mosel as a neighbouring region is absolutely important to cover the stretches on the flat. You can easily reach the Mosel by car in 20 minutes and in one hour by bike along the Maare/Mosel bikeway.

The trails around the lakes and Manderscheid are an absolute MUST and a delight to ride! It's worth taking a guided tour to really enjoy them. Without a guide they are sometimes difficult to find and the extra advantage is that you will be shown you the best places to take a break, with tips about what is happening in the evening. But don't overdo it, for the next day might be the "5 crater tour" (Windsborn crater, Meerfelder Maar, Dauner Maar, Weinfelder Maar, Schalkenmehrener Maar), 50 km and an elevation gain of 1,400 metres. There is a GPS track available for most of the guided tours. So change up to top gear! See you soon in the volcanic Eifel.

Our cycle service at Michels land idyll hotel:

What we can offer you:

  • bikes to rent (7-speed gears, tyres for road and off-road, back-pedal brake) with tips on planning your route
  • 21-speed bikes - without back-pedal brake for road use
  • mountain bikes are available from our partner, a specialist dealer in Daun – rentals /sales & repair service
  • lock-up storage for bikes in our bike shed
  • the chance to carry out smaller repairs, with a repair kit and conventional replacement parts available
  • bike maps - tour planners available at reception 
  • guided tours can be booked via reception
  • we will gladly book you seats by Internet on the appropriate bike bus (Maare/Mosel bikeway), so that you and your bikes are safely returned home or to your starting point 
  • if there is no connection by bike bus, we will gladly arrange a transfer using our own hotel bus.